Japan One

That title means a lot of things to me. I decided I would blog rather randomly, perhaps rantingly, so I thought of a random title. There are a lot of things I gather. For one (no pun intended), there are only about one percent Christian here. That’s a big deal to me. Many people believe in God, while others flat out reject him. Three guys I met today expressed that they don’t believe in God. It’s very true for many Americans, too. However, it’s saddening here. There is already a language barrier when it comes to sharing the Gospel. The issue, really, is the cultural barrier. How to break into this culture is the issue.

How do you tell someone who’s never heard about how to become a Christian how to do so? Simple-use words. But there will always be a sense of boundary; a barrier between the Japanese mind accepting Christ. It’s not something that’s impossible to overcome. Rather, I think a further study of the people is needed. Even then, I think little ground would be made. Biblical truths are easy to apply to any culture, such as total depravity. It’s apparent in Japan. Many people look to other gods for fulfillment, and I don’t mean religious gods. I mean money, romance, sex, a good job…it goes on.

Ironically, sex is one aspect that is most interesting. I’m still trying to figure out this aspect of the culture. For a country that has rampant pornography, even stores called Condomania, I’m having trouble finding stats on sex problems. It seems to be individualistic. When I say ‘sex problems’, I mean premarital sex basically. It’s an issue and temptation for college students in America. While I’ve not engaged in those type of conversations with random students yet-both in America and Japan. Again, it may simply be a private problem. But it fascinates me when I hear that few married couples are sexually active. How has the Devil taken this part of marriage away from a culture that seems sexually rampant in its exposure? Do people get tired of it…no, come on.

A lot of these issues, including the idea of gaining an ideal job runs through many college students minds. College becomes a time for students to explore answers to these questions. Jesus fulfills all desires. Why won’t people believe in the ‘good news’? I would say because of sin. They have no reason not to believe in a God that loves them and wants to be in a relationship with them. There’s only one god Japan needs and that is Jesus. I hope to write a post years from now titled, “Japan Won,” representing Christ coming back to these lost people.