See You at USA’s Busiest Airports

So, apparently when I fly to California on Tuesday, I will be making a connection in the nation’s busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta) and what was called by a Yahoo! Answers user as the nation’s second busiest airport but is actually the nation’s fifth busiest airport (LAX). Ironic that Denver International is actually busier than LAX, making it the fourth busiest airport. That’s a bit surprising to me. Hey, maybe I got lucky when I was in Denver, but it sure didn’t look busy to me.

O’Hare in Chicago was named the second busiest airport. I’ve been through there twice (well, I mean…it was roundtrip) and neither time was particularly quick. Actually, it’s really the biggest airport I’ve ever seen. You would know if you’ve been in there, I guess. But if Atlanta is worse than O’Hare, it won’t be much fun. What’s funny though is as I make that statement, I realize that even with O’Hare being the second busiest airport, it still wasn’t that bad to navigate.┬áMy experiences there could have been worse. So I can probably handle Atlanta. It was funny how Chicago was so bad to navigate. We never switched airlines (United) but we did switch from flying domestic to and international flight. I suppose in that regard, we really needed to walk a distance to get the massiveness that is the United terminal.