Why I Don’t Call God Jehovah

I realized yesterday the best reason why I shouldn’t call the Father God Jehovah. Naturally, it takes Father’s Day for me to think of it. My church displayed a quote on the bottom of the screen for one song. It said, “God has given me the best gift ever, and I call him Dad!” It’s that last conjunct of the sentence that says it all.

I have never, in the 18 years I’ve been alive, called my dad by his name. I always say, “Dad.” I’ve never called him by his name. It’s about respect. It’s about honor. You don’t call your father by his name. It doesn’t make sense. The moment we begin to give God a name and insist that it be used is when we lose respect for it, I think. My dad would never let me call him by his name. I don’t know why “Dad” is the best name for our fathers, but it is. Is there any real reason to call our Heavenly Father by his supposed name?

Of course, there’s other reasons. I believe Jesus is God. If it comes naturally in prayer, I’ll say the name of Jesus. Wait, what happened to the whole respect thing? Do I have less respect for Jesus? He gave us no other name to call him besides Christ. God has given us the name of Father, and a bunch others in the Old Testament. No need to call Him by His name. Our God is distinctively different than others because He provides forgiveness of sins. Oh wait, the JW’s god doesn’t.