Stabbing Story

I’ve been following this story since it broke on Sunday. In one of the worst incidents of violence in Japan, a man had a plot to kill several people. He ran a pickup truck over a bunch of people, killing three. He then jumped out of the truck and stabbed people, killing four more. When police finally caught him, he had blood all over his face. Well, that story’s been out for a while now.

What hasn’t been told until today is that the man has been brought into questioning. Here’s how AP reports it: “A police spokesman said Wednesday that Kato had been cooperative during questioning but was clearly a very troubled person. ‘Whenever he talked about his upbringing, he started crying,’ the spokesman said.” It’s convenient that AP leaves it at this to end the article, but it’s also poignant for the Christian┬ábeliever. While I think AP is trying t make a point that parents need to do a better job, I think it could be more indicative of the culture in general.

Am I make a generalized leap? Maybe, but I think it’s worth exploring. Here’s another snippet from the article: “Media reports of Kato [the killer]┬ápainted a picture of an increasingly desperate young man who had recently quit his job in a fit of rage. Japanese media said Kato’s Internet postings showed a man angry with society and vowing to get revenge by unleashing his fury on the streets of Akihabara.” Very interesting to tell it this way. What would be complementary is if I knew more about why he is that way. Why is he angry with society? Why did he angrily quit his job?

Human’s sinful nature is where we can start. There’s probably a lot more to study about this whole topic, but this is all we have for now. We hear of these mass killing sprees all the time. It happens in America sometimes. A famous one would be the Virginia Tech killings of April 16th, 2007. Until we can recognize that this is an example of giving into sinful nature can we find some solace in this situation. More on this story later, maybe…