I Dislike Graphic Unrealistic Violence

What does a statement like “I dislike graphic unrealistic violence” mean? It means if a movie contains graphic violence that wouldn’t happen in the real world, then I don’t like it. I realized that may be part of the reason I don’t like Cloverfield. The scene in the middle where a girl implodes from the inside after seeing blood coming from her eyes is digusting, but it feels moreso for me because it doesn’t happen in real life. I don’t like movies like that-they’re more scary for me because I can’t expect that to happen to them, perhaps.

Two other series that come to mind are the Final Destination movies and Species movies. Neither are of good moviemaking quality, but both scare me. There are other reasons to dislike Species (unnecessary sexual content), but the violence involves manipulation of skin and…I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s scary. Final Destination is just ridiculous. I read of a scene in the second one where a lady’s head is dismembered from her body getting stuck in an elevator. That could happen, I suppose (actually did happen at OSU a few years back), but why does it need portrayed on screen?

The more sadistic violence can qualify. That’s why I’m avoiding the Hostel and Saw movies. Even the Ring movies are weird for me because it’s like ‘supernatural’ violence. Wait, what is that, even? The violence that occurs in that movie is sitll real? Well, anyway, just to make a comparison, Munich is one of the most graphic movies I’ve seen and I can tolerate that over this kind of ‘fake’ but graphic violence I am speaking of. Same goes with Saving Private Ryan. I don’t mind that type of violence (as in I’ll watch it, but I don’t like it) but I can’t watch Final Destination.

So, I hope moviemakers will stop with movies like that, though I fear there are plenty more coming…