Frontier Frequent Flyer

This is going to be a random post. And hopefully it won’t get erased again…

Ok, so I’ve only flown Frontier once (well two flights, but one itinerary), but my impression was very good. First off, I love the color green, so their flight interiors suit me. Secondly, their hub and spoke system works out better for the customer. That means instead of creating multiple hubs, most of their flights go through Denver. When going from east coast to west coast, that works out really well. That might mean an extra transfer for customers, but it also means lower fares and better reliability.

I’m more intrigued by their frequent flyer program. Just 15,000 miles for a roundtrip ticket and to become a member of their Elite status (all the miles had to be earned in one year, though). What’s interesting is I didn’t notice the one year restriction on the elite status, so I thought I would have easily got it, but I won’t. I’ll have to purchase miles. I’m weighing that pricy option because while it will cost me more upfront, it will allow me a free roundtrip later on. Plus, if I pay more for the miles, I’ll get the elite status (at least, I saw no rule that miles purchased would not count toward it).

The oddity is having that status. It’s nothing like a Red Carpet Club, where you get free lounges and such before a flight. However, there are mild benefits. Plus, I would like to try it for a year. Some of the benefits are luxurious (if you can call it that) and don’t really help, like the free onboard DirecTv. That allows me to bypass paying money for the television programming they offer. I don’t watch TV anyway, so while I have the ability to watch TV, it wouldn’t benefit me much. Priority check-in and boarding won’t help unless I’m late and need to skip the lines. It feels awkward standing in a separate line because I feel like I’m telling everyone else who has to wait that I’m better than they are. I wouldn’t want them to feel like that. Well, it is a privilege, I guess.

While those ‘luxuries’ are nice, the best benefit is the 25% bonus miles that I get. I think that’s the best perk. So if I try it for a year, I had better fly it for that year to really reap the benefits. Well, I already know one benefit-free roundtrip to next year’s Summer Project briefing! Here’s hoping!