June 2008 archive

Reacting to Signs

Have you ever been in an incident where all the signs that something was about to happen were there, but you didn’t respond to them? I had one of those incidents today. I’m going to say the signs that led up to the incident after I say the incident itself. And don’t worry, nothing major …

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Song for Week of June 29th, 2008

Hmmm, well, I’m in Japan. What should this week’s song be? “Defying Gravity” from Wicked Soundtrack When you’re on an 11-hour plane ride, finding something to do to keep yourself entirely busy isn’t the easiest thing in the world. When I found out that one of the audio/radio channels that NWA had to offer featured …

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Song for Week of June 22nd, 2008

I guess this would be the most appropriate song, anyway. “I Will Go” by Starfield I can’t remember if I’ve given Starfield a nod in this Song of the Week thing yet, but they deserve a few more. I found this on their website, and I think it’s on their newest album. They are a …

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See You at USA’s Busiest Airports

So, apparently when I fly to California on Tuesday, I will be making a connection in the nation’s busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta) and what was called by a Yahoo! Answers user as the nation’s second busiest airport but is actually the nation’s fifth busiest airport (LAX). Ironic that Denver International is actually busier than LAX, …

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Why I Don’t Call God Jehovah

I realized yesterday the best reason why I shouldn’t call the Father God Jehovah. Naturally, it takes Father’s Day for me to think of it. My church displayed a quote on the bottom of the screen for one song. It said, “God has given me the best gift ever, and I call him Dad!” It’s that …

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Song for Week of June 15th, 2008

hmmm…having trouble coming up with songs for some weeks. Have I done this one? “Dirty Second Hands” by Switchfoot The only really good song I’ve heard on their newest album (I haven’t heard them all because I don’t own it). It’s well constructed lyrically and musically. It’s worth listening to.

I Dislike Graphic Unrealistic Violence

What does a statement like “I dislike graphic unrealistic violence” mean? It means if a movie contains graphic violence that wouldn’t happen in the real world, then I don’t like it. I realized that may be part of the reason I don’t like Cloverfield. The scene in the middle where a girl implodes from the inside …

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Stabbing Story

I’ve been following this story since it broke on Sunday. In one of the worst incidents of violence in Japan, a man had a plot to kill several people. He ran a pickup truck over a bunch of people, killing three. He then jumped out of the truck and stabbed people, killing four more. When …

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Song for Week of June 8th, 2008

I still have blog issues. But here’s this week’s song. “Sakura” by Naotaro Moriyama I guess this guy’s a famous Japanese singer. This is simply a well sung song, with simple lyrics and a simple tune. Seems somewhat inspiring hearing it. Sorry about no song last week, too.

Blog Issues

I’ve noticed my blog isn’t working. If anyone knows why, please let me know. I’m much appreciative of any help. It may just be my computer, but it’s safe to assume it’s not. I can only see the last two posts, and all the links on the right side are broken. Thanks for any help!