2007’s Movies List: #13 and #12

The reason I’ve been delaying this is because I wanted to see this movie at #13 again to refresh my mind. However, I realized I have also not seen #12 in a while, so both are not so fresh. Hopefully the short reviews will be fresh.

#13: ‘Crash’

This is my favorite movie of 2005, and I’m glad it won Best Picture at the Oscars. This film has received mixed reviews, and it is fairly emotionally involved. It deals with racism, and I’d like to think it does so well. The acting is strong, and the way everything intertwines in the end works out beautifully. I don’t think everyone will buy the coincidences, though. I think the movie’s much more involved that the ‘coincidences’ that occur. And that’s my review-sorry if it’s short but I’ve little to defend.

#12: ‘Hero’

This is a Chinese movie that slowly made its way to North America via Miramax, and I’m still trying to figure out if some scenes were cut or not. Regardless, this movie is excellent in its production values, delving into three different spins on the same story but telling each one vibrantly. It’s rather interesting to see these frame stories unfold and reveal the same thing. This will certainly put some people off, but I was intrigued.

The martial arts are secondary, here, and that’s probably why I liked it. My dad, for example, didn’t care for the obvious overexaggerated moves and ideas, but I think it’s the story that counts here. And there’s always going to be a naysayer who will think it overpopulates this film. I don’t. I still think the film is heavily driven with its plot and that’s why it succeeds.