Pray for Japan’s Suicide Rate

Don’t read this if you just ate…

I frequently read AP, and flip to Asia World News. Occasionally, they mention Japan. Unfortunately, many times it is about a suicide. I believe I recently talked about how Japanese have found a new way to kill themselves. It involves mixing fumes and such. One farmer decided to kill himself through drinking pesticide. Before he succumbed to the poison, doctors attempted to pump his stomach when he threw up, releasing chemicals that sickened the people trying to rescue him (with cholropicrin).

At the hospital, a 72-year old pneumonia patient’s condition was worsened by this incident. One of the doctors said he incessantly coughed after breathing in fumes from the vomit. Basically, this was really bad-a way someone’s suicide and attempted rescue affects many around them.

This is only the worst that we hear of, of course. There are hundreds who kill themselves every day in Japan, and it’s because they have no hope. I’m not going to attempt to provide some sort of treatment for it, either. It might be a good thing the news strays from trying to provide a solution. It likely wouldn’t go over well. The only way we can change is to be changed. That’s really why I’m going to Japan. They need Jesus. I would hope to show them a way away from their possible suicidal tendencies. The future of Japan is its college students. That’s all for now.