Final First Year Thoughts

Well, my first year of college is over. Soon after I finish this post, I’ll be heading packing this up. I’ve got to part ways with this computer early, I guess. The year is over, I just have to put it to sleep (as it were) by finishing all my packing. I’m probably more than halfway done. I got the major stuff out of the way, like shipping back the books I wanted to ship back (Yes, I liked logic class that much…) I like how the USPS has those flat rate boxes. They have a new one this week that’s $12.95. It’s slightly better value than the regular $9.80 ones they’ve had for a year or so.

It’s been an interesting year. That’s pretty much the worst way to start off a paragraph, but oh well. I mean, it went by so quick. It seems like life truly does go by very quickly. I know so many parents who will agree. If time seems so fast for us, I must wonder just how God sees time. Interestingly, he sees our entire life right now. That’s how he knows our heart and knows how to form his perfect plan. Well, not to get all theological, but it’s pretty cool to know He’s in charge. He’s sovereign over everything.

God has led me to a lot of things this year, including the prospect of going on Summer Project. I’ve got a lot of work to do these next five weeks, and I’m certainly scared about not being able to raise enough money. It’s coming in, but not quick enough. Here’s where time gets slow, and it feels like there’s not enough time. But that’s also why God can pull through at the last minute. He works differently for everyone. I’ve got to reconcile this with my life, for sure.

I’ve really got to get back to packing because I don’t think I can sleep until I know it’s done. All right, see you all in Ohio.