Japan’s Suicide Methodology

“…the Japanese media tends to focus on the method young people are using to kill themselves, not on the motives.” -Michael Zielenziger

I like to start my blog posts with quotes, huh? I guess those give me motivation. Well, just reading on a new type of suicide, which I guess involves death by household detergent products. It’s the new way to die…last year, it was group suicides committed after meeting on Internet websites. It’s very unfortunate to read on these issues and find out that people truly want to kill themselves.

What’s interesting is that Japan has tried to stop these suicides through interesting methods. When Japan found out that many people were jumping in front of oncoming trains to kill themselves, they installed mirrors on the platforms. That’s to give people who want to end their lives now the chance to see themselves before they do it, I guess. I didn’t notice that when I was there. I’ll have to look for them, and be disturbed knowing why they are there. And Japan shut down the supposed ‘group suicide’ websites. But none of that would even begin to solve the problem with the hearts of the Japanese.

That’s why I’m glad for finding this quote. It reminds me that the media will basically report the matters of the world. They won’t try to solve it most of the time. I’m afraid that America is having touble pinpointing the real causes of such issues. We’d like to think that many other things besides God can aide in people turning from their brokenness. That is not the truth. Only God can turn them from themselves. It’s when I read stories about more suicides in Japan, that I’m only further reminded of their need for a Savior. Please keep praying for Japan and for my opportunity to share with some college students this summer.

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