Song for Week of April 27th, 2008

I quite enjoyed last week’s choice: Here’s the permalink to that post. But this week’s is also very good, naturally.

“Through Heaven’s Eyes” from The Prince of Egypt Original Soundtrack

I just saw this movie again for the first time in years. I had previously seen it many times, but there is one song that left my memory, and that was this song. It speaks great truths and is good advice for the growing Christian. The entire first verse is very well written. It goes, “A single thread in a tapestry, though its color brightly shines, can never see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design. And the stone that sitsĀ on the very top of the mountain’s mighty face-does it think it’s more important than the stones that form the base?”

That’s an important point. We need to be humbled to serve God no matter how He plans to use us. Why? I’ve heard countless stories, that wouldn’t mean anything to a convicted atheist, of people truly following the calling of God somewhere or to do something that ultimately led to them a greater purpose. Of course, at the time they were following God, they didn’t know where He would lead them. It’s only after a while do they realize the greater purpose. Suffering can be seen this way, too-and probably should be seen this way. It ultimately leads to growth. We’ve all suffered; no news flash, there. What people do as a result of suffering is different.

I just learned of a woman from my church who was attacked in Thailand, and was fortunately spared her life. From what I am hearing, it was essentially for her* faith in Christ. She didn’t lose her faith, of course. She didn’t throw her arms up and ask why, though I wouldn’t blame her for doing so. She is praising God for her life and trusting in God that this attack will ultimately be for the better of God’s plan. I pray that she’ll find strength through that way. What a contrast between this and much of America’s Christianity.

Anyway, the main message here is that God has purposed even those ‘at the top’ to be as humble and realize how they come into play with God’s plan as much as the man ‘on the bottom’, as it were. That’s also important for many American Christians to keep in mind. If we can try to look at our lives from God’s perspective, not that we can, we might be able to realize that we our purposed for something far much greater than what we might imagine. We also should not get down if we feel unimportant. It’s likely a lie from the devil.

*I originally typed ‘our’ instead of ‘her’, subconsciously. It really is our faith, in a way.