The Empty Hole (Christianity or Culture)

This is kind of funny. What I originally thought was an ad for something affiliated with Christianity turns out to be something else. On Facebook, the ad reads, “A stress ball can’t fill the empty hole in your heart.” It’s true; only Jesus can fill the empty hole in your herat. But below that, it reads, “Start building. Find your next job at” Wow. I don’t understand the connection, even from a secular point of view. Think about how it reads. What should follow? I think something about what could fill that hole in your heart would be logical, right? It instead flips to helping you find your next job. I really don’t see the connection.

I think what’s interesting about this is the way culture has incorporated some more profound ideas, but still manages to leave Jesus out of it. The book that I am reading (Why We’re Not Emergent) contains a quote that can summarize one part of our culture. This quote was by a man who spoke to one of the authors. It reads, “In the music scene, it’s really cool to search for God. It’s not very cool to find Him” (pg. 32). I like to think that this can be applied to movies and TV shows. I know so many movies that either mention God or relate to some divine aspect of God, but don’t really go anywhere with it. It sometimes makes me question why they even put it in. IGPX is my favorite TV show and it remained completely religiously neutral. Only three mentions of God (two were mild swears, unfortunately), and that may be what makes it appealing. I can focus on the fun and make my own judgments about the characters’ interactions. TV shows are for entertainment, right?

In a way, though, I’d kind of like to see some more Biblical truths incorporated into shows in some way. ER recently made a very clear point that I admire because it really drove the point home about postmodernism (Link: In it, a dying man who recognizes his sin wants repentance from it, but in this scene, he is not given a way to do so. It’s a good example of postmodern thinking that has hit so many people.

Sorry if I’ve come across as a bit ambivalent in my feelings. I think the idea is that people need to decide if they’re going to settle for culture or for Christ. There’s definitely a way to incorporate both, but I’m not sure if America’s found it yet.