Customer Service Needs to Show Impartiality

This is just in general, but I like to think that human emotions come into play when people sound upset with customers. However, the mindset behind some of the lower than average experiences I’ve had with customer service is usually due to the partiality I’ve been shown. Actually, my worst experience with customer service, I believe, is because of partiality. The best example of what I’m trying to convey is this:

There were two Route A buses at a stop I was waiting at. I was asking the second bus driver whose bus was in front of the other one if he was leaving first. He replied, “I just got finished saying to those other people that the other driver’s leaving first.” A little rude. It’s not a big deal on the surface. The issue is the principle, as always. His partiality is because he had already told other people. He may have felt that because he told others, he was getting tired of telling more. But that’s not impartial. I came to that guy the same as the others, but he didn’t treat me the same way. That’s partiality.

I worked in retail, so I know what it feels like to get asked the same question a multiple times in a row. But I think what’s best is to realize that when people ask a question, they’re not only looking for an answer, they’re looking for concern and acknowledgement. I’m not perfect in this area-at least acknowledgement. I’ve noticed that I’ve sometimes answered people’s questions without making eye contact. Fine. But I also recognize when someone doesn’t know something and they are simply asking for assistance.

I had a similar experience yesterday with Continental Airlines. The customer service rep sounded like she had told hundreds of people that “we only honor ATA tickets until the end of the month.” I wasn’t offered anything else. They’re getting paid to offer me information. It was kind of ridiculous for me to have to ask everything out of the person.

So, I really hope that someone got something out of this because I’m not even sure how I was able to elaborate on the main point of this post, which was the title. The title says it all.

[notice]While I still maintain the arguments, if they can be called that, of this post, now having read this a few years later, I will admit that I don’t even specifically remember the Continental Airlines ‘incident’. I have a feeling that this post was, in essence, only venting, basically.[/notice]