I’m Grounded

Aloha Airlines went bankrupt on Monday, so when I heard somebody say that ATA went bankrupt, I thought he simply mixed up company names. He didn’t ATA went bankrupt overnight, and I guess both were due to high fuel costs. ATA lost their contract with some sort of company that would make it near impossible to continue service, or something like that. I had a flight booked for ATA. Now all flights are cancelled, every employee is layed off, and it’s putting a lot of people into trouble.

I should be fuming right now, but what can I do? Not much. I’d like to think the innate part of me is to be mad. However, I’d also like to think that God is keeping me from behaving like that in regards to this situation. I know that while it’s going to be difficult and likely costly to get home now (tickets to and from Hawaii skyrocketed in price), I’ve really got nothing to worry about. God knew this would happen.

This didn’t just happen to me. It happened to thousands of workers who now have no job. While I’ve lost a ticket, they’ve lost a living. That’s the real shame. That goes for both ATA and Aloha workers-my prayers go out to them. The big deal for me is that I do need to figure this situation out promptly, but I am thanking God that this happened now instead of later…possibly close to my planned departure of May 15th. That would have been really bad, considering it’s exam time.

Speaking of which, I have an exam tomorrow. I’m going to bed soon. What I realized through this experience is that had I been blessed with money, I’d be relying on my money to easily get me out of this pickle. That’s wrong, though. I should be relying on God, always. I hope to grow in that area; trusting in God with all things. Seems obvious for the Christian, but it’s when an instance some up like this that I realize where I fall short. So, all is well.

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  1. […] Well, I don’t know exactly why, but ATA crumbled in April of 2008 and completely shut down its operations. The number one factor for me when buying flights is price. So, I bought an ATA flight again for a trip from Honolulu to Las Vegas despite not really wanting to ’suffer’ another ATA flight. The savings was nearly $100 off the next option. But then they went bankrupt and I ended up paying that $100 anyway to take another airline. It was just a very bad time for airlines-three more airlines that week shut down as well; another one based out of Hawaii called Aloha Airlines was a huge toll for the islands as it created a huge unemployment. But people still need flights, so I hope that those people have found jobs. I have an earlier related post to this: “I’m Grounded”. […]

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