Pro-Choice Arguments?

When I see this kind of stuff, I just gotta blog. I am reading quite possibly the worst pro-choice argument I’ve ever heard of:

“Another fact is the highest suicide rate is found in orphans or children from abusive homes. A family who don’t want a child shouldn’t be forced to have because of your pious need to direct life.”

Where is your source? I have never heard of a two-year old committing suicide. Plus, you have no authority (source) or correlation to link abusive homes with people who do not abort, as you are likely trying to imply. And your second sentence…has America really been reduced to this type of thinking? If they didn’t want a child, they should have planned their ‘sexual encounter’ more appropriately. And you say family, but there are also many umarried couples who have abortions, and they shouldn’t be having sex at all.

I rarely hear of abortions by married couples. They got married, and is normal to have kids. So let’s assume the majority of abortions are from unmarried women. They chose to have sex (unless they were raped, which is another issue and a small minority). Oh, here’s another quote:

“Learn the true meaning of words and quit trying to incite people through misuse of language.

It is a zygote, a blastocyst, an embryo, a fetus. It is not a baby.”

It seems so simple to me, but again, society seems to have been reduced to the idea that a pregnant woman doesn’t actually have a child in her. Way wrong. Consider all abortions-had they not ocurred, where would that “zygote, blastocyst or fetus” be 10 years from then? Better yet, 9 months from then? It would be a human with a legal right to life. The fact is that that zygote, blastocyst or embryo, whatever you want to call it, is developing in the mother’s womb. It may not be a human yet (which is very debatable), but because it’s there, it most certainly will be when it’s born. You can’t get around that. Once conception happens, there’s no going back in terms of the baby’s development in the womb.

“Maybe one of the aborted fetuses would have turned out to be the next Hitler…”

WHAT!?! This proves the reduction of society’s opinion on this issue. We’ve reduced unborn children to this? I’d like to ask the mother of the guy who said this if she ever thought even slightly that her unborn child was going to be the next Hitler. Give me a break!

“How many unwanted babies have you adopted?”

I hear this all the time. Most people who ask this have not adopted, but they just say they would abort (or support abortion) instead. I guess we’re doing the baby a bigger service by just killing it. Again, wow! This is incredible!

“This country would starve, be extremely over populated, and eventually fall apart had all those babies been born.”

I rest my case.

There is no good argument for abortion because it’s murder. I don’t see any way around that. And when I hear such ridiculous arguments as these, I’m glad I’m pro-life.