Paul Greengrass Just Made My Day

I just finished watching the commentary to United 93. At first, his commentary lessened my opinion of the film slightly. I felt a little discomforted by his explanations about the religion of Islam. He never got very deep in his conversations, but enough to get a feel for his views on things. I’m a little bit ambivalent about those things, so I’m not going to address those. However, one quote toward the end made me feel so much better about him and this movie. There’s a scene where we hear the terrorists praying to Allah and passengers praying to God. I believe it is subtitled as ‘God’ for the terrorists; nevertheless, postmodern America would like to say that all religions are basically the same. Some may think they were praying to the same God. I think the film speaks for itself-they are not praying to the same God.

It’s when Greengrass confirmed this that I was relieved. “The prayers to different gods on that airplane,” are his words. I’m so glad the director recognizes that. And this may spoil the commentary, but he also says toward the very end that the idea of the final scenes was showing us trying to gain control, but basically not being able to. He relates this past the tangible level. I don’t even think he’s singling out Americans, here. I think he’s trying to say that humans don’t really have control. That’s true. We’re really not in control of much in our lives. But as evidenced by this movie, we do make certain choices. This movie should empower us to take a look at our choices. I’ll talk more on this film soon, as (hint, hint) it is on my Top Movies list.