Quoted Thoughts on JWs

[notice]Doing a search on my blog posts, it appears the ‘second blogcast’ that I referred to in this post was actually never posted. Though I recorded it and located the file, it has never been (and probably never will be) made available. In fact, I recorded my second blogcast as “The Naked Gospel Quiz”, so I guess I really, truly forgot about this Jehovah’s Witness blogcast that I did. So, that is all to say, that these quotes below will be all that will be published related to this lost blogcast.[/notice]

Here are some quotes from myself. These can be found in my second blogcast, which I recorded on September 25th, 2007.

“What happens is that [Jehovah’s Witnesses] get so far into their beliefs that they’re convicted of them. It’s not the Holy Spirit; they don’t even believe that they Holy Spirit is God. If anything, it’s the devil; it’s Satan. He would like them to believe the lie”.

“The Watchtower uses publications to prove their beliefs. What they try to do is tie that into Scriptures. They not only have to have these publications, they also have to twist Scriptures just have their beliefs. That is why they are the¬†worst cult in America”.

“It really breaks my heart when I see on my campus; I see Jehovah’s Witnesses at [their] table. They’re luring people in”.

Just some thoughts I’d like to reiterate. Have a good week!

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