Let Us Discover the Significance of Birth and the Joy of Living

This is an excellent quote for what people should strive for in their spiritual lives. Our purpose is to glorify God in all we do. We were born to discover the truth of the living God. The joy of living comes through knowing God. Many people have yet to reconcile this with their life. I hope to provide more insight into this journey that I hope many will consider. The Bible has all the answers, but I don’t expect everyone out there to read it.

That’s pretty much it. Here’s the video that the title of this post is quoted in:


It’s in Japanese with no subtitles, but hopefully you can understand a little bit of what’s going on. Just a hint-the headbands with writing on them appear to show what those students may be struggling with, like stress. God has an answer to broken hearts. That is His Son Jesus. He wants to have a relationship with you, but you may not know where to begin. Please contact me if you have any questions, and please read a Bible if you can.