Oscar Nominations 2008

This link is to a ballot from imdb that contains all of the nominees.


“Ratatouille” scored several nominations, including a few I didn’t expect (Best Music, Best Original Screnplay, etc.) while “Enchanted” got three Best Original Song nominations. Those are going up against a song from “August Rush” and the main song that is written for and in the movie “Once.” That category will be interesting. I will be watching “Once” this week, so this will be the only category in which I can personally say I’m familiar with all the nominations. I’ll have my personal verdict for the winner, along with what I think will win next week.

What about the more major categories? Best Picture includes one that I will, with luck, see before Oscars night. Or I may purposely wait to see it so that I can go into Oscars night not familiar with any of those nominations. Last year was exciting with such an international feel. “Letters from Iwo Jima” snagged a somewhat surprising Best Picture nomination, and “Babel” has world film written on it. While many say this year was great for movies, I’m not sure I can agree. It seemed like it would be, with National Treasure 2, Pirates 3, Spider-Man 3 and much more. It just occured to me that Spidey didn’t get any nominations. Wow; not that it deserved any, but wow.

Hopefully I’ll say more soon about the Oscars. Stay tuned!