Ziyi Zhang and Tom Cruise

I just realized that I’ve seen quite a lot of her movies. Ziyi Zhang is a Chinese actress, and now is internationally renowed. The movies she stars in turn out to be as huge of hits in America as they once were abroad. Today, I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for the first time, and it marks another of several movies I’ve seen that she’s in. The movies of hers that I’ve seen are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Rush Hour 2, Hero and House of Flying Daggers. Okay, so the list isn’t overwhelming, but it seems like every time I see a Chinese movie, she’s in it. I plan to see Memoirs of a Geisha, where she stars as a famous Japanese geisha, Nitta Sayuri. I hope it’s a good movie, and that I can stomach two things-the English dialogue, though it takes place in Japan (I know the book is in English, but still…) and the fact that Chinese actresses are playing what are supposed to be Japanese women. I’m not trying to play favorites with race at all, but it seems that it would keep things more true to the culture. Then again, if you’re going to mess it up with the dialogue being in English, this isn’t that big of a deal. The cool thing is that she might be the star of a new, live-action movie coming out soon called “Mulan”. You’re likely familiar with the Disney-animated version, but this live-action one will likely delve deeper into the Chinese legend that the story is based upon. I will look to this movie with great interest when its release date approaches.

Another actor that I’ve seen a lot of movies with him in it is Tom Cruise. I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise (who is?), but when I make a list of the movies I’ve seen with him in it, it comes to quite a handful. He actually stars in a few of my favorites, too. Here are the movies I’ve seen of his: Mission Impossible, Magnolia, Mission Impossible 2, Minority Report, Austion Powers in Goldmember (yeah, I didn’t think he would be in it, either…), The Last Samurai, Collateral and War of the Worlds. For as many movies I’ve seen with him in it, I haven’t seen what are supposed to be his better ones, like “Rain Men” and “A Few Good Men.” Of course, I don’t agree with his religious affiliation at all (Scientology). What’s interesting is how big of an advocate for it he is. That’s the biggest thing I associate the church with-Tom Cruise. It’s reflexive, really. When I think of Scientology, I think of Tom Cruise and when I think of Tom Cruise, I think of Scientology. Well, that’s just the way I see it, I guess.

Well, I can only hope we don’t see these two in the same movie together…what, how else was I supposed to end a post titled, “Ziyi Zhang and Tom Cruise”?