Do We Deserve Anything From God?

I was just thinking about atheists who think they deserve something from God. I’ve had someone tell me that if I got struck by lightning he would convert. Yes, if I (Josh) got struck by lightning, he (the atheist) would convert to Christianity. They act like God has to do somehting to prove he exists, although it’s quite obvious of the proof that he exists. However, what’s most bothersome is simply the expectation that God has to make their life better. Many atheists believe if God existed He wouldn’t allow suffering.

What made me think about this was when a homeless person approached me and asked me for money. He was drunk, but that’s not the underlying the reason that I said “no”. I resolved to donate my time and money to homeless shelters because I know that the money isn’t going to beer or drugs. Simple, right. Yet, he put me down as if I owed him something-as if I had to give him money. Of course, there’s the defensive part of me that says, “Look, I’m out here in Hawaii, essentially in debt to pay for an education that I chose to further, and I am working for my money and you expect me to just give it away on command?” That sounds pretty selfish, right? But think about it. Like this guy, some homeless really do use their position as an excuse for making the working man feel bad for refusing to give money that he rightfully earned. If a millionaire asked me for some money, I’d give him the same response. However, my reasons would not be different. I wouldn’t think, “Oh, you’re rich so I don’t need to donate to you”. I would think, “This money isn’t yours any more than it is mine.” All money is God’s money.

I don’t want to divert the focus here-it’s important to give to the needy, but do it in an appropriate way-one in which you know you’re money is being put to good use. Don’t put up with those who make you feel bad. What I really wonder is if after he cursed me out and made me feel bad I had given him money…he’s at my mercy, and he’s cursing me out…aaargh; sorry just venting. Making me feel bad about not giving you money isn’t going to help you get money…duh! It’s rather irritating.

So much for focus…anyway, I think atheists are like that homeless dude. They ask God for something and if he doesn’t give it, they act as if he has to do something because of his position. No, he doesn’t. In fact, quite the opposite. Everything good that happens is reason to give praise to God. I mean everything. We deserve nothing from Him; yet He sent Jesus to die for our sins so we wouldn’t suffer an eternal fate. We actually get something out of God’s grace from Hell. Some people see God as creating some humans to go to Hell. Realize, though, it is their choice to sin, and their unbelief in the one who is so obviously revealed to us. Others recognize that the only reason God created us was to worship Him. That doesn’t sound so appealing to an atheist. It makes perfect sense, though. If we recognize that the only reason we are alive and enjoying anything at all is because God allows us to enjoy everything.

I obviously feel bad for those who die with disbelief-they’re going to Hell. A friend pointed this fact out to me-atheists still reap the benefit from this system of infinite punishment-they got to finitely live without infinite punishment in God’s creation. Then I said to him, and this really drove the point home, something that I have held close to me. Earth is the only “Heaven” atheists will experience. At the same time, Earth is the only “Hell” Christians will experience. I think all Christians need to keep this in mind when going about their life. Yes, like can suck sometimes. However, if this is the worst we’ll ever experience, I see no reason to go through suffering with a bad or pitiful attitude. Take it as part of God’s will and realize that your life will go by so fast that the troubles of a few moments are like nothing compared to the perfection God has in store for us. Live your life to glorify God.