Even “Random” is a random name for a post. Since I changed my posts’ permalinks to numerical, I’m not obsessive on making the titles all unique. So, here goes something…something random…

I like iTunes on shuffle mode, because I actually am introduced to songs that I wouldn’t necessarily listen to on my own. My musical-listening choices always vary. I actually just got iTunes a few months ago, and most of my music is on here. Some isn’t because of improper ID3 tagging. Nevertheless, it’s thunderstorming here. It’s also 1 AM. People are outside screaming, but an enjoyable screaming…the kind that says, “Why am I awake at 1 AM outside sliding in a pool of mud-water from this flash flood?” Nuts. I usually don’t see water collect like this. I wonder how tomorrow will be?

More random stuff…I think…I’m listening to Dexter Freebish; my favorite band ever. Well, that is what iTunes picked, at least. What else to say…no snow here in Hawaii. Yep. Seriously, I’ve never drank beer before, so don’t get any ideas. Today at 7:30, I ate dinner at the cafeteria, and I was going random on the person I was sitting with. He could tell, but I really didn’t thinik I was being too random. I don’t know.

Got a lot of homework this weekend. Not fun. I should be sleeping instead of writing on my blog. The reason I’m writing is because it’s been so long since I’ve wrote in my blog. That’s what I ntoiced today. So, too be honest, I am really hoping to get more posts about my Top 30 movies. I wanted to re-watch the next movie on my Top 30 before giving a mini review on it for the post. So, I hope to see it soon. Thing is, I’m tied with seeing a bunch of other movies from Blockbuster Online and various “rentals”. All right, I think that’s it for now.