Lecture Halls

My rant today. I have two lecture hall classes on certain days, and there’s a few interesting things about the way people take seats. First off, people get there 15-20 minutes early. This isn’t like an OSU game. I don’t understand why you really need a good seat for a lecture hall. The only reason to get early is if you wanted to sit with a few friends. The irony in that is that it shouldn’t really matter who you sit by because you should be paying attention the whole time. The way I see it, the only benefit of sitting by several friends is to talk to them during the time period before the class starts. But if you only accomplish that task, you may as well talk outside the class and then go inside when you’re done. So that’s one thing.

Here’s the thing that really bothers me. Those same people sit on the aisle seats. It’s probably because they want to get out faster. Honestly, it takes about 15-45 seconds to file out of the classroom once the lecture is over. Sitting on the aisle seats makes little to no difference. I’m one of the people who would take the latter end of that time (45 seconds) but I easily make up for it when I walk back to my dorm. I’m a pretty fast walker, and people I know can testify. But here’s why taking aisle seats is a problem. It’s narrow to pass those people, and you almost always bump into them. However, it’s their fault because they took the aisle seats. It’s annoying because I fear that these people are upset when I come in 3 minutes before the class starts and I bump into their nicely set-up work space. But it’s their fault that all the aisle seats are full and that I have to move past them.

Here’s the solution. It’s real simple. File in the middle seats first and then outward toward the aisle seats. That way, nobody would ever have to walk over somebody. That’s it. There’s sort of a double standard because those who file in last leave first, but that double standard really only holds ground if you are concerned about 30 seconds more of waiting for people to file out. So, in essence, those people have no right to be mad when I excuse myself to walk past them so that I can get to a seat in the class that I paid for. Basically, I don’t care if they’re “upset” or “annoyed” by the people who walk past them. It’s their fault.

Remember, we have choices in life. We control many aspects of our life. Don’t let that get the best of you, but realize that if you choose to do something bad, you only have yourself to blame.