I will be talking about the University of Hawaii at Manoa right now. I am in Hawaii. Now that I am in college, though, I am signing up for Blockbuster Total Access. I almost started this post as the post for the next movie on my Top 30 Movies List. With the Blockbuster plan, I can see all the movies I want. Loving it…or at least I hope I will. Actually, I’m not signing up for that until I see the workload I have in college. So what can I tell you all about?

You all know I love Japanese, so naturally my major is Japanese. I took the placement exam for Japanese, and to make a long story short, I placed out of the first year. Actually the long story got short when I realized that Ray Kaneyama, who I guess is a departmental advisor, simply held up an answer grid to my paper, which I had beuatifully bubbled in, selecting A, B, C or D. The test was very fair, as it got progressively harder, and none of it too hard until the end. The last two parts of Section III was Kanji, and I definitely didn’t do too well on that. I had never seen those Kanji in my life. That obviously didn’t hurt me, though.

Don’t know what Kanji is? It’s Chinese characters that are designated in the Japanese language as part of use in the Japanese writing system. Many people think Japanese has 2000 characters. Yes and no. See, there are nearly 2000 Kanji characters, which were taken from Chinese. However, Kanji is not necessary for writing the language because every Kanji has a Hiragana counterpart. Hiragana is the standard Japanese character writing system. There is also Katakana which is designated for foreign words that Japan has adapted. That many times includes brand names, like McDonald’s. That could also include simple things like the word video game is “bideo geemu”. My Japanese teacher in high school stressed that it’s not just stretching the word out and Japanizing it. They really are unique Japanese words.

Well, I guess I just gave you a Japanese lesson. I still wonder what I’m going to do with Japanese. I could teach. I could be a businessman. We’ll see. I just hope that I like this university. I’m going to be honest; I only came here because of Japanese. That is going to be a big factor in whether or not I like this university. I am being biased by only judgin on one thing? A little, but remember that there are plenty of good colleges. I came out here for Japanese. I wouldn’t fly out here for Computer Science, as someone I know did. Many people have these notions about Hawaii. It’s hot, and it pretty much is. The people are nice, and from the most part, that’s true. It’s a pretty good experience so far. I’ll let you know what happens!