2007’s Top 30 Movies Ever List

After I saw the movie, “No Reservations”, I had officially seen my 301st movie ever. I keep track of all of the movies I have seen with imdb.com’s vote history, which acts a a management for me to rate movies on a scale of 1-10. The link to my list is available on this blog. You can see which films I gave a 10 out of 10 and a 9 out of 10 at the top, and the list is aplhabetical. Obviously, my Top 10 favorite movies are the top 10 on that list. But, since it is alphabetical, you don’t necessarily know which one is at the top and at the bottom. So, I pulled out that list and made my top 10. But then I added an additional 20 movies from a little over 40 that I rated a 9 out of 10. Essentially speaking, my Top 30 Movies List is the top 10% of movies I have seen. So starting today, I will reveal the movies I have chosen for my Top 30 Movies List. I’m only revealing one of them today, but I will likely use some days to reveal more than one. So, now you have a real reason to visit my blog and see what movie made my personal list. Here we go with the bottom of the list:

#30: “More”

Short films (films under 40 minutes) and animated films (films with 70% animation or more) are still films. I will say this now-this is the only short film on my list, but this is not the only animated film on my list. “More” is about a creature who works at a factory of sorts. The creatures are personified, but aren’t human. The movie actually has no talking in it, except for some babble speak. Frankly, it doesn’t need talking to convey it’s powerful message. The creature invents a tool that when you look through adds color to this gray world. It also makes bad thigns seem good. That seems like a great invention, until we realize that toward the end, the creator of the invention has become that bad thing in some eyes. Put on this invention, and the creator is seen as a happy person. But as the boss of the factory, the workers see him as he saw his old boss-a mean person. It’s not until the very end that he sees what he has done, as we see a last shot of kids on a merry-go-round.

If none of that makes sense it’s probably because I can think of many people who would watch this movie and not understand it. For those that do, they realize that it’s a simple idea with a powerful message. The last time I had really been moved by such imagery was by other films higher on this list (and not yet revealed). I consider it one of the best animated short films out there. Fortunately, the creators of this short film have released the entire film on their website, here. It’s only a few minutes, and some ‘few minutes’ that I won’t soon forget.