Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

I expect this blog to last a long time (maybe), so I should, along with the readers, get used to long breaks between posts. Just ranting today, really. I guess I am questioning the real direction with this blog. Very soon (hopefully within seven days) I will finally have my own computer, so I can just pop it open whenever I please, rather than having to wait forever to use it. That would allow me some breathing room for computer usage. It’s that lack of restriction that I want. Unhindered by restriction, I should be able to get a lot more stuff up here.

While my site is still running, I really do wonder how I’m going to make this┬áblog work. I mean, are random people actually going to come here and read what I have to say? Well, maybe some people from the IGPX site will realize that if they get rid of the igpx stuff in the URL that is spells out a website. I believe it was my first post that I stated that I have owned this website for almost four years now. It was just time for a change. I guess I still have to comprehend and deal with the change I have deliberately made. I hope that I made the right decision to make a blog as my homepage, and in a sense, my website.

Really, there’s a ton of reviews for GCN (that’s Gamecube) games on my site. So please use the link to the right to check it out! If only to see what I was doing for almost four years, I encourage you to look. The advantage to having a website is being able to put basically unlimited content on the site and link it back to this blog. I was going to use Flickr, but there’s a monthly upload limit of 100 MB. My site can still hold a few thousand MB of data, and there’s no additional fee (on top of the $12/month I’m paying). Oh yeah, I forgot that I’m paying that. It’s my only bill, and I know that if I got rid of my site, everything would go away. I wouldn’t care so much about losing all the reviews I made for Gamecube games, but the IGPX stuff…I definitely invested a ton of time into that site, and it paid off (scored an interview with the show’s creator). It still is (as far as I know) the only extensive IGPX fan site. It really has everything you could think of.

Okay, enough of the shamless plugs. Well, looking back, did I waste all my time on the work that I did on my website? I mean, hardly anyone has read those reviews. What I was telling myself was that I would have wrote all those reviews down on paper (or in a Word document) just to know how I felt about them. I figured if I could reach anyone with what I said about it, I’d feel good about paying $12/month. Actually, for a long time (I think the first two years) I was paying $20 a month. Then, to compete with better web hosting services, Yahoo offered a ton more hard drive space for the price. Downgrading to $12/month still gave me more hard drive space than what I had previously been paying $20/month for, so I was satisfied. I guess, though, Yahoo has lost $8/month from me for at least a year, now. Well, that’s the price of doing business. On the flip side, they’ve earned over $700 from me in four years. That’s a big chunk of change I’d like to have right now. Yeah, $12/month doesn’t seem like much until you realize that’s $144 a year. I guess if you’re making a five-figure salary (that’s right, five-figure) that’s not so bad.

Well, enough ranting. I’ll hopefully have more posts, soon!