Things May Get Pricey in Hawaii

I was actually kind of looking into this store called Foodland in Hawaii (hey, if I can survive Acme, I can survive Foodland) and I was looking at their weekly ad. Well, here are some prices of things in Hawaii. I’m going to compare that to sales in Ohio.

Milk in Ohio: $2.29; Milk in Hawaii: $3.99 on sale

Home Pride Bread in Ohio: $2.49; Home Pride Bread in Hawaii: $2.79 on sale

Mac & Cheese in Ohio: 4 for $5; Mac & Cheese in Hawaii: 4 for $5 on sale

Minute Maid Orange Juice in Ohio: $3.79; Minute Maid Orange Juice in Hawaii: $3.69 on sale (come on, orange juice should be cheaper in Hawaii, right?)

Bag of Goldfish in Ohio: $1.99; Bag of Goldfish in Hawaii: $2.50 on sale

8 count of Pop-Tarts in Ohio: $2; 8 count of Pop-Tarts in Hawaii: $2.50 on sale (oh, the humanity!)

Looks like things might be rough over there. Let’s hope for the best!