The Most Important Thing in My Life

I heard something today that got to me. A Christian named Todd Friel (host of my favorite talk show, Way of the Master Radio) was talking to a guy who claimed to be a Christian. He asked him if God was first in his life, and he said that God was. Todd then asked the guy if he gathered a bunch of the guy’s buddies in a room, and Todd asked his buddies what is the guy’s most important thing in his life, what they would say. That was a little confusing. Let me try to clarify. If I gathered a bunch of people in a room, and then asked them what they believe is the most important thing in my life, I think they would say Japanese.

Here’s what got to me-I think that’s true. I feel like I’m putting Japanese ahead of God, and that’s breaking the commandment of putting God first in your life. So, I guess I have to work on that. But I am not sure because I feel like even writing this blog is because of God. I believe that because I am helping others with my IGPX website that I have showed the sacrifices with my work, which is certainly a good thing. I remember Todd saying to somebody who wanted to be a preacher not to be. He said that if there’s anything else, even circus performing, you should do that over being a preacher. He said that the reason was because you can be God’s servant by being that circus performer. I remember that before prom started, we had a guest speaker talk about the affects of bad choices, mainly drinking. Basically, I felt he definitely inspired some people. He could be a Christian, and in that case, he would definitely be helping people through choosing to be a speaker at these events, trying to help students not make foolish decisions.

People have led others to Christ by simply doing something that’s just a bit un-ordinary. One example I’ve heard was of a man who fell off of a climbing wall on a cruise because the young man who was operating it messed up (it was his first day). The man who fell was in a lot of pain for a long time, but he got up with a smile and ended up climbing the wall a few days later, with the help of that young man. When the man climbed down, the young man said to the man, “I can’t understand it. All this time, you never got mad, you never yelled at me, you never even blamed me, even though it was my fault. I want to know why”. He then explained his faith and led the man to a relationship with Christ. That’s great stuff!

But anyways, I feel like I definitely have a lot of things to work on. Even me talking about Christianity may be a ‘good’ thing, but I just don’t know if I’m neglecting God or not. Many would claim that God understands our lives, but there’s also the Bible verse that says that many people will claim “Lord, Lord” when they see Him in Heaven, but he’ll say that he never knew you. Why? They have a religion, not a relationship. That is so important. Prayer is something I do daily. It’s so simple and so second-nature that I can’t understand some who call themselves Christians but don’t do this. God wants to hear the prayers from you, even though he already knows what you’ll say. He wants to hear you talk about your day. And guess what-you really do grow from it.

Once you accept that God’s there, and you pray daily, it might be real hard to confess to God if you’ve done wrong. Someone who prays fervently daily will likely have less of a tendency to look at porn, for example. I wouldn’t tell my parents if I was looking at porn. And as soon as you realize you’re accountable for that, the sooner you realize you have to stop. Prayer is just talking to God. So many people make it so ritualistic and difficult, but it’s as simple as talking to a friend. People seem to make it complicated because it might seem weird talking out loud with nobody around. Let the world think you’re weird. God’s there, and he’ll listen. I claim in my ‘About’ section that Japan is second to God. I sure hope people could say that about me without that statement. That’s why I know I can get better.

I know people who call me very religious. But I feel I can get better. I know people who say I’m great at Japanese. But I know I can get better. I think the moment I change that feeling that I can better with God to knowing that I can get better with God will be when I do. I hope I can get to that point real soon in my life.