July 2007 archive

2007’s Top 30 Movies Ever List

After I saw the movie, “No Reservations”, I had officially seen my 301st movie ever. I keep track of all of the movies I have seen with imdb.com’s vote history, which acts a a management for me to rate movies on a scale of 1-10. The link to my list is available on this blog. …

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“No Reservations” Review

Last night I attended an advance screening for the movie “No Reservations”. I thought I’d chime in on how I felt the movie was. First off, I didn’t intend to see it after first seeing the trailer a month or two ago. It looked like another typical Hollywood romance. Guess what? I was right. I …

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Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

Yes, it has!

Things May Get Pricey in Hawaii

I was actually kind of looking into this store called Foodland in Hawaii (hey, if I can survive Acme, I can survive Foodland) and I was looking at their weekly ad. Well, here are some prices of things in Hawaii. I’m going to compare that to sales in Ohio. Milk in Ohio: $2.29; Milk in …

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Never Put Important Articles Through an Airport Security Chekpoint

This should have been my first post on this blog. This starts the category of “Life Tips”. I should explain the story behind putting this post up today. As I prepare for my plane trip to Hawaii in August, I am reminded of what happened to me last year on July 7th. I arrived at …

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The Most Important Thing in My Life

I heard something today that got to me. A Christian named Todd Friel (host of my favorite talk show, Way of the Master Radio) was talking to a guy who claimed to be a Christian. He asked him if God was first in his life, and he said that God was.¬†Todd then asked the guy …

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