Two People, Same Names?

So two days in a row I’ve discovered something interesting about myself. If I see two people close to each other with the same name, I’ll get the first person’s name right, but then I’ll forget the other person’s name. Friday night, two different ‘Rachel’s were standing next to each other. I identified one as Rachel, but I forgot the other girl’s name. Then when she said Rachel, I felt that I should have known that, for some reason. But then today at work, I saw two ‘David’s next to each other. I got the first David right, but then I didn’t know the other person. I should definitely have known the other person was David, but I forgot. It’s weird. Will it happen a third time soon? I don’t know.

But, I think I figured out why I do that. It’s not too common for two people to have the same name, so I think my brain second-guesses myself when I see two people with the same name. I think my brain is telling me that their names shouldn’t be the same-they should be different, but in reality, their names are the same. Just something about me I thought I’d share.