Zealous Servant

I’m not going to beat around the bush. If blogs are for supposed to be utilized for coming out on certain things, then I guess I’m doing good by stating that I am a zealous servant of God. I hope you can make this connection. Sprite is on sale this week-$1 for a 2-liter bottle. But I find that I drink Sprite out of zeal. I don’t chug it down like I would milk. I take my time with it, and I drink a bit out of zeal. Oh, and zeal is defined by Merriam-Webster as “eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something”. That eagerness is probably for the taste, not for the fact that it isn’t so healthy for you. Well, I guess without zeal, pursuit can be unwarranted and perhaps not even worth it. After all, if I pursue something, I don’t stop. Let’s get one thing straight-I will speak fluent Japanese by the age of 25. There’s one of my lifelong goals, or pursuits (expect to hear all about it in the Japan section).

The connection is when I read some of the things that people say on Yahoo! Answers. Here’s one for example: “The 10 commandments are irrelevent in modern society.” Here’s my response, and I believe it: “I can’t believe what you just said. Are you actually trying to assert that the ideas of not killing, not lying, not stealing, and keeping one day a week for rest are “irrelevant in modern society”? Are you not aware that killing and stealing are outlawed in our country, the five-day model for a work week indicates that we actually like our weekends, and lying is frowned upon in modern society? Come on, now… ” I only covered four of the Ten Commandments. Oh, and you know how ALL CAPS is considered yelling on the Internet (or at least I feel it is)? Well, I never yell on Y!A, but I was probably amped up when I was writing the response to that.

So this begs the question-why? Because I love God. As I showed above, it’s very clear that in this example, the Ten Commandments is at the very least, my atheist/agnostic reader, a good model for morals in our society. I only looked at four of the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately it’s the first one that atheists can’t get past, which is unfortunate: “You shall have no other gods before me”. Well, they don’t believe in any, so they can’t follow one. The Bible goes so much deeper than all of this, and I encourage everyone to open it up more often. Tell you what, if you want to read a really good short story, turn to Song of Solomon (called Song of Songs in some Bibles). Even atheists can do this because God is never mentioned in this book. It’s a real simple read about two people who love each other, and about their pursuit for one another. Really good stuff.

I wonder if you can tell by this ranting that I am a zealous servant. By the way, I got that term from somebody’s username on YouTube. I like it a lot. Here’s the connection. When I go and read about what people say, and I find tons of ways to refute it, or show that it’s wrong in some way, eventually, I’ll come back to that bottle of Sprite. And I’ll drink it because of my zeal for the taste and because of the zeal in that moment. I am happy to serve the Lord. I don’t do this because I feel like I have to prove everybody wrong, but because I realize what God has done for everyone. I realize the price that Jesus paid on the cross. I realize that anyone can achieve salvation only by grace through faith alone. I realize that if people repent of their sins (sins defined in the Ten Commandments and clarified in the Bible) that people will live in Heaven for eternity instead of the punishment of Hell for YOUR actions.

So, if I want to drink Sprite, I’m going to drink Sprite. If I want to serve the Lord, I’m going to serve the Lord. And I’m going to feel good about doing both. I’ll drink Sprite. I’ll serve the Lord. I’ll drink Sprite while serving the Lord. I guess, I’m trying equate being zealous for one thing and be zealous for the Lord at the same time. So if I marry, I’ll have sex with my wife, and serve the Lord at the same time. “Say what?!?” say some, but hopefully you’ve made the connection. Oh, you didn’t? Think about what I’ve said. The “Sex Talk from Josh” post should come in no time after this cliff-hanger…

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