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Mar 19 2015

Thoughts on Nintendo in the Smartphone Market

Nintendo has announced that they will develop, publish and release games for smartphones as early as this year. While we can expect to hear much more at E3 in June, this announcement is timed well for investorsĀ as Nintendo approaches the end of its fiscal year. That aside, this is a truly surprising piece of news. …

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Mar 27 2014

On Tipping

I was reading a news article that talked about some Japanese restaurants in NYC that eliminates and bans tipping. They simply raised the prices by 15% to reflect the total cost to the customer. Because we’re talking about a Japanese restaurant and we’re talking about it being in NYC, I can only imagine how expensive …

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Oct 03 2013

The Last of Wiis in Japan

Nintendo will stop making Wii consoles in the Japanese market. The picture used in the article written by Japan times shows happy Japanese people who had just bought a Wii console. This is kind of a interesting news article for me, because I sat in line for about 19 hours in 2006 to be one …

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Jun 12 2013

The Disappointing E3 Nintendo Direct

You can read my previous post to get a basic understanding as to why I am disappointed with Nintendo right now. I was just asking for some revival to some old franchises on the Wii U. Particularly, F-Zero and Star Fox would have been nice; Pilotwings also is a personal favorite of mine. It’s bad …

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Jul 24 2012

Movie Theater Security

I remember when I was watching the final of the newer Star Wars movies in a movie theater. It was a matinee and I think it was over a week past the original release date, so the theater wasn’t very full. I remember maybe less than a third of the way through the movie, a …

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Nov 03 2011


I’ve known about this for a few weeks, but now as the opening of the ‘first’ Wendy’s restaurant in Omotesando, Tokyo is upon us, I thought it befitting to highlight this campaign. The popular company Oricon, known mainly for its Billboard-esque rankings of hit music, is helping Wendy’s in finding Wendy-chan. This ‘idol’ will be …

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Oct 19 2011

Return of Wendy’s

This is a two-tiered post, in that I will talk about both the return of Wendy’s to Japan and also to the US market with their new burgers. Let’s start with the new burgers then. Since I am in Japan, I haven’t tried the new burgers. A big part of the new burgers is not …

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Jun 07 2011

Nintendo at E3 2011

Nintendo had a pretty good press conference this year. While it was short at no more than 75 minutes, it provided us with quite a bit of info about WiiU (which may as well have been called Wii 2). Nintendo was hyping up this press conference for a while, and it was about everything I …

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Feb 22 2011

Amazon’s New Video Service

I am currently working on my Oscar nominations list for 2011. In the meantime, I have started using Amazon’s Video On Demand service this week. Ironic that it was just announced (though I heard a few weeks ago via rumors) that Amazon will be offering a service where Amazon Prime members will receive free streaming …

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Aug 02 2010

Gamers in Game Cafe Fight Back When Robbed

I might only be sharing this because it occurred in Hawaii, and on the same island where I go to school. But it might also be because I found it on, and I also would like to share some comments that I read on there. So, there’s the video. Now, on, which I …

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