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Posts written to help people avoid problems with companies and tips for specific subjects.

Mar 14 2017

Beware of Buying from Smaller Online Companies

Almost 10 years ago I made a mistake in judgment that I swore to never repeat. I repeated that mistake recently and it cost me hours of unnecessary¬†stress through phone calls and endless amounts of waiting.¬†That mistake was ordering from a non-major retailer without looking into the company’s reputation¬†(major retailers in my mind include the …

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Mar 27 2014

On Tipping

I was reading a news article that talked about some Japanese restaurants in NYC that eliminates and bans tipping. They simply raised the prices by 15% to reflect the total cost to the customer. Because we’re talking about a Japanese restaurant and we’re talking about it being in NYC, I can only imagine how expensive …

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Nov 04 2011

Professor Distance

I don’t think I have told this story before, so I’ll tell it now. At the beginning of my second year of college, a lady asked me at a bus stop which bus to take to go to the university. I, of course, was also headed that way. I may have at one point asked …

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Jun 06 2010

Don’t Swipe a Credit Card for a Pay Phone

Yes, that is the title of my post. This is all I really want to say. But it’s worth making an entire blog post on it. This is probably really obvious, and I probably made a really stupid mistake by doing this myself. It has got to be one of the most costly mistakes-about $23 …

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Aug 22 2008

Searching for the Best Textbook Prices

It’s something every college student should do before paying the high prices at your college bookstore. It’s that time of year again. Many college students on the semester system are going back to school, and those on the quarter system (those students in UCLA and OSU, for example…) can expect college right around the corner. …

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Jun 30 2008

Reacting to Signs

Have you ever been in an incident where all the signs that something was about to happen were there, but you didn’t respond to them? I had one of those incidents today. I’m going to say the signs that led up to the incident after I say the incident itself. And don’t worry, nothing major …

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Jul 05 2007

Never Put Important Articles Through an Airport Security Chekpoint

This should have been my first post on this blog. This starts the category of “Life Tips”. I should explain the story behind putting this post up today. As I prepare for my plane trip to Hawaii in August, I am reminded of what happened to me last year on July 7th. I arrived at …

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