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Jun 03 2015

Bikes and Cars in Japan

In December of 2013, new laws were enacted that made it illegal to ride on sidewalks in Japan with a bicycle. There are some exceptions, such as for those who are elderly or in elementary school. Another exception is if there is a blue sign on the sidewalk showing a symbol of people and bicycles; it signifies that that …

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Mar 31 2015

The Failure of Modern Japanese Cinema

The general inability of mainstream Japan to make simple, realistic introspective drama is modern Japan’s true loss. I couldn’t have said it any better than this quote, from a user on iMDB, partially describing the movie “Always: San-chome no yuhi”. I gave that movie a 6 out of 10, which is almost too nice; at …

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Oct 10 2014

“Desu/Masu” and “Da” Days

I’ll say one thing that may seem strange at first to Americans. In America, our manner of speaking is relatively the same to our co-workers as it would be to other people. While it’s expected to be more polite to superiors, and especially our boss, our way of speaking doesn’t really change all too much, right? …

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Oct 03 2013

The Last of Wiis in Japan

Nintendo will stop making Wii consoles in the Japanese market. The picture used in the article written by Japan times shows happy Japanese people who had just bought a Wii console. This is kind of a interesting news article for me, because I sat in line for about 19 hours in 2006 to be one …

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Aug 20 2013

The Kirishima Thing Movie Review

I did a post less than a year ago of the Top 5 movies of modern Japanese cinema. I had to edit that list to include this movie (I posted this post in 2013. A year later, in 2014, I edited that top 5 list). Here is a tight movie that seems to be a character study at first, but …

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Apr 24 2013

Credit Cards in Japan

I could probably do a post about how Japan is in some ways not as technologically advanced as many people think. In some ways it is, but if the lack of credit card usage has to do with being technologically advanced or not, then Japan is lacking. If you’re coming to Japan as a tourist, …

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Feb 12 2013

Top 5 Sakanaction Music Videos

One problem with making Top 5 lists is that you never know when another potential candidate will become available. I wanted to add a little note to the title of this, being “Pre-2013”. I could limit this list to only Sakanaction music videos that were released before 2013. For now, I will just keep the …

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Jan 20 2013

Song of the Week for Jan. 20th, 2013

This week is easy because this song is being released in just a few days as a single: “Music” by Sakanaction Not exactly the most original title (the B-side to this single has a name that can be translated as “movie”…), but the song itself feels original enough. It reminds me a lot of “Endless”, …

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Dec 15 2012

So Much To Say

This post really is about a topic about having too much to say. When I read the title of this post to myself, it sounds like the kind of beginning to a super long diary-like entry. This is not intended to be so; I should probably follow through with not making this post too padded, …

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Nov 20 2012

Top 5 Movies of Modern Japanese Cinema

I am probably doing this post because I am not happy with the current state of Japanese cinema. It’s not that there aren’t good films, but I think that it is plagued by its own set of problems including way overused cliches. I’ll have a different post on this coming soon. For now, it’s worth noting …

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