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Nov 04 2011

Professor Distance

I don’t think I have told this story before, so I’ll tell it now. At the beginning of my second year of college, a lady asked me at a bus stop which bus to take to go to the university. I, of course, was also headed that way. I may have at one point asked …

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May 23 2011

New Ohio Culture Shocks

I think I remember doing a post a couple years back about some culture shocks of Ohio. I think it was the price differences I noticed between Ohio and Hawaii. Well, I’ve got some culture shocks for this time that I came back from Ohio. 1. There’s space here. I flew into Erie International Airport, …

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May 23 2011

You Know You’re a Japanese Major When…

I had to do one of these lists, being so close to graduating with this major. Feel free to contribute in the comments, and I may include it later on. So, you know you’re a Japanese major when: -you’re trying to learn Japanese and you end up learning some English word that you never knew …

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Oct 03 2010

Digital Storage Prices

This post will likely be another short one. I was reminded of how 4 years ago when I went on a trip to Japan with my high school, I bought a 2 GB SD Card at Best Buy to put inside my (mom’s) camera and use on the trip. The cost of that card was, …

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Sep 27 2010

Japanese Major and a Bachelor’s Degree

This will be a quickie since it’s late and I have homework still, but it’s precisely because I have homework that I am writing this. The homework that I need to do for classes that begin in approximately 6 hours is almost entirely unrelated to the study of Japanese language. The one that is most …

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Apr 19 2009

Push the Button

This post is just going to be special for me…maybe. Because the way I even pronounce the title of this post when I speak it is, apparently, unique. I pronounce it like butt-en instead of but-ten, which may or may not be the more standard way to say that word. So many people have noticed …

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Dec 18 2008

New Dexter Freebish

Oh, man! My favorite band ever is being reborn early next year! They have a digital release coming out on Jan. 13th, on Amazon MP3. They have four new songs, and new¬†recordings of their best songs. What is interesting about their new recordings is that they are of a different style. They feel more like …

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Dec 13 2008

Post-Project Post

Well… I could definitely rant for a while on just about anything regarding this project. I was gathering together about a third of my pictures/videos for the master slideshow that I would show everybody. I did this with my pictures from my trip two years ago, but I had to continuously trim the amount of …

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Aug 22 2008

Searching for the Best Textbook Prices

It’s something every college student should do before paying the high prices at your college bookstore. It’s that time of year again. Many college students on the semester system are going back to school, and those on the quarter system (those students in UCLA and OSU, for example…) can expect college right around the corner. …

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May 16 2008

Final First Year Thoughts

Well, my first year of college is over. Soon after I finish this post, I’ll be heading packing this up. I’ve got to part ways with this computer early, I guess. The year is over, I just have to put it to¬†sleep (as it were) by finishing all my packing. I’m probably more than halfway …

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