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My name is Josh Morgan, and you can find out all about me on the About Page. I was trying to write everything here, but then I realized I have an entire page for that, so go there!

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Mar 16 2015

Wii U in 2014

I like all the flack Nintendo got for not releasing a console that played HD games until 2012, which was released 6-7 years after its competitors. There are several things to say regarding this, and likely most of them have been said. To address HD in 2012, I must say I am sorely disappointed at the lack of …

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Feb 22 2015

2015 Oscars Predictions

Like many years, it’s difficult for me to get around and see these films. My favorite film so far of 2014 was “Interstellar”, and I am shocked at how few nominations it received. And one movie that I thought would be a sure bet for the animated feature Oscar, “The Lego Movie”, was also snubbed (but hey, I guess it could …

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Dec 12 2014

Top 5 Songs from Sakanacton’s Shinshiro

These lists will inevitably become more and more difficult to make. From here on out, I would prefer to make a Top 6 because even 5 songs wouldn’t include the most outstanding songs from each album. I should follow my own rules and make it a nice even (or odd…) 5 as the top choices. …

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Oct 10 2014

“Desu/Masu” and “Da” Days

I’ll say one thing that may seem strange at first to Americans. In America, our manner of speaking is relatively the same to our co-workers as it would be to other people. While it’s expected to be more polite to superiors, and especially our boss, our way of speaking doesn’t really change all too much, right? …

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Oct 06 2014

Facebook Comments Disliked

As if I need to say anything else bad about Facebook…well, maybe I am about to. I simply cannot understand this. Years later, after my personal fallout with Facebook, I am still astounded that when someone posts a status update (if that’s even what it’s called nowadays), they do not have an option to disable …

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Aug 30 2014

Top 5 Most Difficult Missions in Perfect Dark (PA Difficulty)

This was a list I have wanted to make and have been thinking about for years. It’s a tough one to make because most of the missions on Perfect Agent (PA) difficulty are difficult. For this list, I didn’t consider the “bonus” missions. At least 2 of those 4 would have probably made the list. …

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Jun 18 2014

Top 5 Songs from Sakanaction’s Night Fishing

These lists will get progressively more interesting and, of course, more difficult. It seems that with every album that Sakanaction released, they had more and more amazing songs. This list is still probably easier than some lists I’ll make for later albums. 5. Aishu Train I was a little surprised when Sakanaction chose this song …

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Apr 03 2014

New (Unofficial) Catan Characters/Game Mechanics

I made these new characters/game mechanics as ‘house rules’ for Catan that I’d like to introduce to the world. These characters are meant to be used for the original Catan and the 5/6 player extension (I suppose they could probably also be used for Seafarers). They were inspired and developed using two ideas: 1. It …

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Apr 01 2014

One More Employee

With my post on why it’s not good when we wait in a line, it should be obvious for the need for more workers. Yet, we seem to live in a society that devalues a human employee because of costs. It’s one thing to replace all cashiers with automatic registers. It’s another thing to have …

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Mar 27 2014

On Tipping

I was reading a news article that talked about some Japanese restaurants in NYC that eliminates and bans tipping. They simply raised the prices by 15% to reflect the total cost to the customer. Because we’re talking about a Japanese restaurant and we’re talking about it being in NYC, I can only imagine how expensive …

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