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My name is Josh Morgan, and you can find out all about me on the About Page. I was trying to write everything here, but then I realized I have an entire page for that, so go there!

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  2. 2017 Oscars Predictions — Friday, February 24, 2017
  3. The State of the NX (Release Timing) – March 2016 — Friday, March 25, 2016
  4. Top 5 Songs from Sakanaction’s DocumentaLy — Thursday, March 10, 2016
  5. 2016 Oscars Predictions — Friday, February 26, 2016

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Mar 14 2017

Beware of Buying from Smaller Online Companies

Almost 10 years ago I made a mistake in judgment that I swore to never repeat. I repeated that mistake recently and it cost me hours of unnecessary stress through phone calls and endless amounts of waiting. That mistake was ordering from a non-major retailer without looking into the company’s reputation (major retailers in my mind include the …

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Feb 24 2017

2017 Oscars Predictions

I almost didn’t do an Oscars list this year, but I was able to sneak it in this year. For those wondering about other blog posts, I have some in progress to be posted later this year. But this post is obviously on the upcoming Oscars. Here are my predictions of who will take home awards …

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Mar 25 2016

The State of the NX (Release Timing) – March 2016

We have all been speculating about the NX and what it will be. To be honest, I am not sure what the console itself will be. But, for this edition of “The State of the NX” (it’s the first edition, fancy that), I’d like to focus on the timing of the NX’s release. At this …

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Mar 10 2016

Top 5 Songs from Sakanaction’s DocumentaLy

This album is widely considered Sakanaction’s best album. So, to narrow the list down to only five was very difficult. But here they are: -Monochrome Tokyo (モノクロトウキョー) Unfortunately, one song had to miss the cut. This time, the victim is Monochrome Tokyo. This is the first song I had ever heard by Sakanaction live, as a fun fact. Sakanaction …

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Feb 26 2016

2016 Oscars Predictions

I don’t have time this year for bowling and I won’t be able to explain many of the choices. Below the list are a few explanations for why I will predict that winner for that category. 1. Best Picture: “The Revenant” 2. Best Leading Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, for “The Revenant” 3. Best Leading Actress: Brie Larson, for …

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Nov 22 2015

The 5 Games I Want For My 2015 Christmas Wii U

Essentially, this post is similar to a post titled “Top 5 Wii U Games I’d Buy Now (If I Had A Wii U)”. That post was created early last year. It’s amazing how much has changed in a year and a half. I purchased the Mass Effect trilogy for $9 on a flash sale a few months ago …

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Jun 14 2015

E3 2015 (Quick and Easy) Predictions

Here are some quick predictions for this year’s E3. There seem to be some certainties about E3. I am making predictions on things that I am fairly sure will happen, but are not guaranteed. In other words, I wouldn’t call any of these predictions particularly bold. I will be more surprised than not if these …

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Jun 03 2015

Bikes and Cars in Japan

In December of 2013, new laws were enacted that made it illegal to ride on sidewalks in Japan with a bicycle. There are some exceptions, such as for those who are elderly or in elementary school. Another exception is if there is a blue sign on the sidewalk showing a symbol of people and bicycles; it signifies that that …

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Mar 31 2015

The Failure of Modern Japanese Cinema

The general inability of mainstream Japan to make simple, realistic introspective drama is modern Japan’s true loss. I couldn’t have said it any better than this quote, from a user on iMDB, partially describing the movie “Always: San-chome no yuhi”. I gave that movie a 6 out of 10, which is almost too nice; at …

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Mar 19 2015

Thoughts on Nintendo in the Smartphone Market

Nintendo has announced that they will develop, publish and release games for smartphones as early as this year. While we can expect to hear much more at E3 in June, this announcement is timed well for investors as Nintendo approaches the end of its fiscal year. That aside, this is a truly surprising piece of news. …

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