Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 25 2012

Song of the Week for Nov. 25th, 2012

Flyelaf released a new album. There will certainly be some more songs from that album on this list in the future. For now: “Fire Fire” by Flyleaf I really hate to say it, but Flyleaf’s newest album might be their worst album. Now that the bad stuff is out of the way, I would say if you …

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Nov 20 2012

Top 5 Movies of Modern Japanese Cinema

I am probably doing this post because I am not happy with the current state of Japanese cinema. It’s not that there aren’t good films, but I think that it is plagued by its own set of problems including way overused cliches. I’ll have a different post on this coming soon. For now, it’s worth noting …

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Nov 18 2012

Song of the Week for Nov. 18th, 2012

Switching from lyrical to non-lyrical this week: “Sweet Cube” by Automagic Here is an artist (Japanese) that rivals many of the artists on the Ninja Tune label (U.K.). But this is supposed to be Song of the Week rather than Artist of the Week, so I’ll just say that this song is good. This song …

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Nov 11 2012

Song of the Week for Nov. 11th, 2012

Here’s a Japanese song, but you wouldn’t know it: This storyends by winnie I have the lyrics for this song as another blog post. If you were to Google Search it, this site would come up. I and many others wonder why this band and this song are not more popular. It has a catchy …

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Nov 04 2012

Song of the Week for Nov. 4th, 2012

Back to Japanese songs this week. 星に願いを by flumpool The song’s title is the exact same title as a song from Pinocchio-“When You Wish Upon a Star”. This song’s tune by flumpool is very different than the tune (and tone) that the Disney song took. The titles are the same, but what is being said …

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