Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31 2012

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Thoughts

I don’t know how to review RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (RCT2). I can’t assess a score in my mind. I probably wouldn’t give it anything higher than an 8.9. But if a game can be scored for sucking hours of my life away from me, then this one has done an excellent job. There’s so much …

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Jul 30 2012

Working at a Japanese Arcade

I recently came across a video of somebody playing jubeat, and in the middle of playing, the employees shut off all the power to all of the games in the game center (or arcade, as we say in the US). While it would not be fun to be the guy in the middle of playing …

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Jul 25 2012

Arrietty OST Available in iTunes

Just wanted to make a quick post that The Secret World of Arrietty’s soundtrack is available through the US iTunes store for $10.99. I bought the CD on sale and I think it was around $20, so this is a very reasonable price for an excellent soundtrack. The soundtrack was never released in America, but …

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Jul 24 2012

Movie Theater Security

I remember when I was watching the final of the newer Star Wars movies in a movie theater. It was a matinee and I think it was over a week past the original release date, so the theater wasn’t very full. I remember maybe less than a third of the way through the movie, a …

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Jul 23 2012

On Wii U’s Price

So far, Nintendo hasn’t announced the price and release date. While the release date itself isn’t terribly important, I’d like to make a final prediction of what their price will be here today. $319.99 It was hard to get to this conclusion, so I will try to explain the reasoning. I was thinking about $299.99 …

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Jul 20 2012


As far as I am concerned, the word “setsuden” is to be associated with negative feelings that one might have towards other words like “kechi”. I can’t say the idea behind setsuden is stinginess necessarily, but it certainly isn’t well-founded. And also, I am not necessarily talking about the idea behind setsuden. Basically, there is …

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Jul 11 2012

Reasons That Don’t Explain Nintendo’s Bad E3 Conference

This post is rather late, but I have to say, Nintendo’s E3 2012 conference was bad. I just watched their 2004 conference for the first time, kind of randomly, the other day. It was very, very good. They were able to give fans many games for both the GCN and GBA. Then, the kicker was …

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Jul 02 2012

On Namco Bandai’s Smash

I think some people were a little bit concerned when they heard that Namco Bandai Games was announced to be creating the next Smash Bros. game. I thought that Sakurai’s involvement could only go so far compared to an entire development team changing. However, IGN posted a surprisingly good article on this matter. They reminded …

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