Quick Update

I plan on writing two more posts today, but I wanted to make a sort of genral post real quick.

First, I did some browsing at some of my older posts and wanted to redirect your attention to a post I made about a year ago that, I must say, should prove to be very helpful. It’s a post made more as a guide to college students for finding the best deals on textbooks. We all want to save some money, especially with our economy is this lil old recession that we’ve got here. So, I’ll link that helpful post here.

Speaking of links, I was reviewing the option I chose for permalinks…I thought there was one point I had a slightly different permalink ‘algorithim’ where the permalink didn’t include the title of the post; just the post number. What do you guys think about the permalinks? What with bit.ly and ow.ly, being able to shorten website URLs, I was beginning to think my permalinks look a bit cluttered. Changing permalink styles is kind of a big decision, so I’ll have to think about it further.

But, nonetheless, I do want to get to 2 more posts today. So, unfortunately, this general update thingy might be lost below the 2 newer posts. So I am working on some syndication stuff right now. Be back shortly.