Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 29 2008

High Gas Prices?

Perhaps you thought I was going to agree with you that gas prices are high. I actually don’t think they are high. The reason is because I know they are not high when viewed in comparison to other countries. Now, I know some of the examples I mention may have their reasons. Gas prices in …

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May 25 2008

Song for Week of May 25th, 2008

As evidenced by the previous post, I am writing short posts today. “Run” by Kutless Here’s a good song, slightly old, but one I’ve been hoping to find. I love how the refrain begins the song, or rather the main singer begins the song with the refrain. Kutless takes a gamble, in a spiritual sense, …

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May 25 2008

2007’s Movies List: #13 and #12

The reason I’ve been delaying this is because I wanted to see this movie at #13 again to refresh my mind. However, I realized I have also not seen #12 in a while, so both are not so fresh. Hopefully the short reviews will be fresh. #13: ‘Crash’ This is my favorite movie of 2005, …

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May 23 2008

Pray for Japan’s Suicide Rate

Don’t read this if you just ate… I frequently read AP, and flip to Asia World News. Occasionally, they mention Japan. Unfortunately, many times it is about a suicide. I believe I recently talked about how Japanese have found a new way to kill themselves. It involves mixing fumes and such. One farmer decided to …

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May 19 2008

Song for Week of May 18th, 2008

This is a lame song choice for this week, but I didn’t really have any ideas. This is the first song that came up on my iTunes on shuffle, and I’ve heard it a decent amount of times, so… “Back from Space” by Amon Tobin Well, Amon Tobin is one of my favorite bands. This is …

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May 16 2008

Final First Year Thoughts

Well, my first year of college is over. Soon after I finish this post, I’ll be heading packing this up. I’ve got to part ways with this computer early, I guess. The year is over, I just have to put it to sleep (as it were) by finishing all my packing. I’m probably more than halfway …

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May 12 2008

Song for Week of May 11th, 2008

Here’s an interesting one: “Unbreakable” by Fireflight I actually thought of this name, “Fireflight.” It would have been the name of a Pokemon, so it’s much better used here. I heard this on the radio yesterday, and a quick search on YouTube reveals that the song is fairly new. The music video was posted just two …

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May 06 2008

Hong Kong Bus Crash

“In a May 1 story about a bus crash in Hong Kong, The Associated Press, relying on information from local police, erroneously reported that the accident victims belonged to a Christian group. The victims were members of the Shinji Shumeikai, a non-Christian Japanese spiritual group.” This is an interesting thing to read. I guess I …

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May 05 2008

Song for Week of May 4th, 2008

“Only Hope” by Switchfoot Well, Sorry for being a day late again. This is the first one that comes to mind. It’s real popular; it was featured in the movie, “A Walk to Remember”, and that’s when I first heard the song. I had no idea it was the same song as sung first by …

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May 02 2008

Japan’s Suicide Methodology

“…the Japanese media tends to focus on the method young people are using to kill themselves, not on the motives.” -Michael Zielenziger I like to start my blog posts with quotes, huh? I guess those give me motivation. Well, just reading on a new type of suicide, which I guess involves death by household detergent …

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