Monthly Archive: April 2008

Apr 27 2008

Song for Week of April 27th, 2008

I quite enjoyed last week’s choice: Here’s the permalink to that post. But this week’s is also very good, naturally. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” from The Prince of Egypt Original Soundtrack I just saw this movie again for the first time in years. I had previously seen it many times, but there is one song that …

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Apr 25 2008

Fighting Evil in Summer Project

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” That’s a good quote from the Summer Project website, featured in a video. It makes sense. We see a lot of ‘good men’ who we recognize for small achievements compared to eternal salvation. But when the calling comes, not many answer. …

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Apr 21 2008

Song for Week of April 20th, 2008

Here’s one you have never heard of: “Fireflies” by Seriously They’re an indie band, Seriously, who I found under interesting circumstances. I thought it right to feature this song this week because I think it’s interesting lyrically and musically. I think the vocals are pretty good here, but this band’s other songs fall short vocally, I …

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Apr 16 2008

WordPress Themes

It looks like I’ll be stuck with the blog design that I currently have because it’s becoming very hard to upload new themes that work with my blog. I don’t know what’s going wrong in the upload process except that some file called ‘header.psd’ isn’t uploading. So, I hope you like the design (aka theme) …

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Apr 14 2008

Song for Week of April 13th, 2008

Sorry, I forgot to post this week’s song last night. “Daisy” by Switchfoot Here’s an interesting song that I inadvertently stumbled across recently due to my iTunes on shuffle. I thought I didn’t like this song, but there’s something melodic and simple about it. It shows Jon Foreman’s excellent song writing (actually, did he write …

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Apr 13 2008

The Empty Hole (Christianity or Culture)

This is kind of funny. What I originally thought was an ad for something affiliated with Christianity turns out to be something else. On Facebook, the ad reads, “A stress ball can’t fill the empty hole in your heart.” It’s true; only Jesus can fill the empty hole in your herat. But below that, it …

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Apr 07 2008

Song for Week of April 6th, 2008

This week’s Song of the Week is: “Give Us Clean Hands” by Chris Tomlin This song is a very poignant song because it we need to be a generation that seeks God. Many are settling for less than that. We need to be a generation that continues to seek truth, and hold onto the truths …

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Apr 05 2008

Customer Service Needs to Show Impartiality

This is just in general, but I like to think that human emotions come into play when people sound upset with customers. However, the mindset behind some of the lower than average experiences I’ve had with customer service is usually due to the partiality I’ve been shown. Actually, my worst experience with customer service, I believe, …

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Apr 03 2008

I’m Grounded

Aloha Airlines went bankrupt on Monday, so when I heard somebody say that ATA went bankrupt, I thought he simply mixed up company names. He didn’t ATA went bankrupt overnight, and I guess both were due to high fuel costs. ATA lost their contract with some sort of company that would make it near impossible …

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Apr 02 2008

Pro-Choice Arguments?

When I see this kind of stuff, I just gotta blog. I am reading quite possibly the worst pro-choice argument I’ve ever heard of: “Another fact is the highest suicide rate is found in orphans or children from abusive homes. A family who don’t want a child shouldn’t be forced to have because of your …

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