Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 31 2008

Oscar Nominations 2008

This link is to a ballot from imdb that contains all of the nominees. “Ratatouille” scored several nominations, including a few I didn’t expect (Best Music, Best Original Screnplay, etc.) while “Enchanted” got three Best Original Song nominations. Those are going up against a song from “August Rush” and the main song that is …

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Jan 17 2008

2007’s Movies List: #21 and #20

This is how slow I am. It still reads the year “2007.” I’ve got to do this somehow, even if it means a not so comprehensive review of these movies. #21: “Jaws” If you scroll down and read #20, it seems like #20 should be lower. But regardless of my personal opinions, “Jaws” remains one …

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Jan 15 2008

A SMASHing Delay

Yes, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been delayed by about a month. Its new release date is March 9th, 2008. I am welcoming to this slight pushback, and I seem to be one of the few. I’ve heard many complaints, but none are unexpected. I hear the same things all the time whenever a game gets …

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Jan 10 2008

Getting to the Oscars 2008

I love movies, and I love the Oscars. However, every year whenever I watch the Oscars there are a few things about them that make it interesting for me. One is that I have generally seen few if any of the nominated films, and a lot of my bias goes toward those ones. The other …

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Jan 09 2008

2007’s Movies List: #22

Here’s a movie that is very special to me. #22: “Whisper of the Heart” The opening shots of this movie still move me to this day. They are of a town outside of Tokyo, Japan; animated and vivid. “Country Roads” plays in the background, in English. This film is animated and Japanese. So, you guessed it, …

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Jan 08 2008

Circular Elevator

This post is not what you think it is about. I was originally going to title this post, “Circular Reasoning Concerning an Elevator,” but I thought that was too long. This paraphrased post title got me into thinking that there should be a circular elevator that goes horizontally and spins around the center of my spherical tower. …

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