Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 22 2007


What has this world come to? I was just watching a YouTube video titled “Drunk Japanese Talking Dirty”, and the description reads, “Drunk during study abroad in Japan.” Seriously, this angers me a bit. This is where the world is going. I have no problem with drinking, but getting drunk is bad, especially when you’re …

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Dec 19 2007

Ziyi Zhang and Tom Cruise

I just realized that I’ve seen quite a lot of her movies. Ziyi Zhang is a Chinese actress, and now is internationally renowed. The movies she stars in turn out to be as huge of hits in America as they once were abroad. Today, I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for the first time, and …

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Dec 18 2007

Fun Facts About Me

-I ate my first Big Mac in Nara, Japan when I went to Japan in 2006. Yes, I, an American, ate my first big Mac at a Japanese McDonald’s. -I love movies, but on average I¬†only see about 3 movies a year in a theater. Also, there was a point when I had not seen …

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Dec 07 2007

YouTube Stuff

This is kind of a test post… Watch the latest videos on