Monthly Archive: November 2007

Nov 26 2007

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Pretty generic title, huh. Here’s what the game creator had to say today: “Wow. I hate to say it, but we really have thought of everything.” That sums up my feelings, too. This game is going to have everything. But will it have ingenuity? Will it be fun to play? Will it last for years …

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Nov 22 2007

Do We Deserve Anything From God?

I was just thinking about atheists who think they deserve something from God. I’ve had someone tell me that if I got struck by lightning he would convert. Yes, if I (Josh) got struck by lightning, he (the atheist) would convert to Christianity. They act like God has to do somehting to prove he exists, …

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Nov 14 2007

Kung Fu Hustle Mini-Review

“Kung Fu Hustle” is a refreshing take on martial arts cinema and slapstick comedy that steps away from the conventional and ventures into a new type of movie. It does not do as much with the material as it could, however. This is my short review. I give “Kung Fu Hustle” a 7 out of …

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Nov 04 2007


Even “Random” is a random name for a post. Since I changed my posts’ permalinks to numerical,¬†I’m not¬†obsessive on making the titles all unique. So, here goes something…something random… I like iTunes on shuffle mode, because I actually am introduced to songs that I wouldn’t necessarily listen to on my own. My musical-listening choices always …

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