Monthly Archive: August 2007

Aug 29 2007

Lecture Halls

My rant today. I have two lecture hall classes on certain days, and there’s a few interesting things about the way people take seats. First off, people get there 15-20 minutes early. This isn’t like an OSU game. I don’t understand why you really need a good seat for a lecture hall. The only reason …

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Aug 28 2007

Wii Parade

It’s funny how hooking up a Nintendo Wii will suddenly make you the most popular dorm room on the floor. Well, at least except for those who are trying to sleep, which fortunately is not me right now. Wii Sports is addictive, that’s for sure. It kind of goes to show you that even a …

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Aug 20 2007

2007’s Movies List: #27 and #26

You get two movies today. I need to get this first one out of the way. I’m not sure if I’m even comfortable putting this one on the list. But if you read my short review for it, hopefully it does justification. The second one is more fitting. #27: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” Yes, that movie’s on …

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Aug 18 2007

First Blogcast

So, ready for a Christian post? It’s actually me ranting for 35 minutes. I don’t think it’s any good. In fact, I might go into circular arguments. Hopefully you can follow it. Is it worth anything? If one person gets something out of it. It involves me reading what people say on Yahoo! Answers. I …

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Aug 17 2007


I will be talking about the University of Hawaii at Manoa right now. I am in Hawaii. Now that I am in college, though, I am signing up for Blockbuster Total Access. I almost started this post as the post for the next movie on my Top 30 Movies List. With the Blockbuster plan, I can see all the movies …

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Aug 09 2007

2007’s Movies List: #28

Wow, it’s been eight days since I posted another one of my movies into my Top 30 ever? Okay, well I’m ready to tell you all about this movie made in 2002. #28: “Changing Lanes” I think there were some films overlooked at the Oscars in 2002 (as there are every year), but this is …

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Aug 01 2007

2007’s Movies List: #29

Real quick note: I changed the permalinks style. It is no longer based on the name. If you click on any post before today, you’ll notice that the static URL address will include the post name, and in some cases, it was rather lengthy. The reason I changed it was because I felt like I …

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