Monthly Archive: June 2007

Jun 30 2007

Two People, Same Names?

So two days in a row I’ve discovered something interesting about myself. If I see two people close to each other with the same name, I’ll get the first person’s name right, but then I’ll forget the other person’s name. Friday night, two different ‘Rachel’s were standing next to each other. I identified one as …

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Jun 29 2007

Zealous Servant

I’m not going to beat around the bush. If blogs are for supposed to be utilized for coming out on certain things, then I guess I’m doing good by stating that I am a zealous servantĀ of God. I hope you can make this connection. Sprite is on sale this week-$1 for a 2-liter bottle. But …

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Jun 27 2007

A Little Buggy…

12 hours later and the links on the right are still not working. Huh…I wonder what’s up. I know the last php site I made (for the 2006 Stow Soccer Games) took a few hours to update after I posted something, but this is ridiculous. I’ll have to figure out if I still want to …

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Jun 26 2007

First Post

So here’s my first post ever. Basically, I expect this blog to be set up in about one week from today (or in one day, depending on how much I can get on and comprehend everything that I need to do to finish this set up). Right now, the blog is not on the homepage. …

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